Mic Flag

Mic Flag

You have seen mic flags before.  Whenever you switch on a news television channel, you will find them being pushed towards the speakers.  Whatever the television channel, ABC, CNN, MTV, BBC, or local reporters from the channels use the mic flag on almost all broadcasts.  If you are wondering what a mic flag is, let us explain:  A mic flag is the rectangular embellishment on hand held microphones displaying the name of the network, logo of the channel or the show. 

Mic flag is manufactured to customized requirements by a variety of companies, and they come in all sizes, square, triangle or rectangle, to take in every type of handheld microphone.  The colors of the channel, multiple logos, are painted on to the mic flag. They are made from acrylic for strength and coated with non-glare acrylic paint which is scratch resistant. If you place an order for mic flags, it is customary that the printing of logos is free. Most mic flags come with a guarantee for a year of trouble free service, from the date of purchase.   

If you have a school ham radio station, you can equip it with studio mic flag for shock mounts and Shure microphones series. Together with the studio mic flags, studio mic clips are also supplied.  If it is for school sports events, you can buy these flags and get the team logo painted on them.  In case you are unable to decide what kind of mic flag would suit your purpose, the manufacturers' representatives are available in retail selling centers to clarify all your doubts.


If you have limited budget ear marked for mic flags, there are a number of manufacturers who offer you bargain prices, if you were to buy them blank, and paste the stock colors and letterings on them, as the labels are also supplied fee. For using your own style of logo you can opt for Avery-type label which will be of help to get the mic flag to your desired color and logos.  On the other hand logos can also be designed sitting at your home on your computer, print it on a self-adhesive Avery label paper, and laminate it on to the mic flag, which will solve your problem.  But remember, a mic flag costs not more than forty dollars, and you can get a cheaper variety for about twenty dollars.  But then, if you are able to make your mic flag, it would not cost even a dollar. 

Remember, a microphone flag when bought from reputed manufacturer, the angles, (whether rectangular, triangular or squares) are crafted finely, the colors do not fade and they would not peel off.  For the sake of saving a few dollars if you go for labels, though this gives you an opportunity to design your own mic flag, the label might get peeled away after some time. You can avoid these problems when you buy microphone flags from reputed dealers and manufacturers.  Many reputed schools have their own news magazines being shot on video, and ask the students to record interviews with microphones, when they certainly need the microphone flag to demonstrate to which team they belong, and as such it is time you choose the right quality microphone flags for your school events.