Buying A Microphone Flag

Mic Flag

When you are trying to interview someone on video and would not like sound distortion, consider buying a microphone flag. It can also give your interview a distinct identity.  Buying microphone flags is almost similar to buying a good microphone, though many manufacturers do not sell mic flags, you can get them from retail stores. Buying a microphone flag also requires a number of considerations.

When you are buying a microphone flag ensure whether you want to use pre-made colors or you are going to paint your own colors and letters.  These letters are available and you can just stick them on to the mic flag, but while buying a microphone flag, you can give a customized order to the supplier, who will supply them with the colors and letters embossed on them.

If you have a computerized microphone for interviews, remember while buying a microphone flag, it should not have been made of metals, because computerized microphones are shielded magnetically and a metal mic flag can cause problems on it. Also while  buying a microphone flag, ensure the microphone itself has proper plugs, or cords to connect it to computer, and that when a mic flag is set on to them that they do not create a hassle. 

While buying a microphone flag, if it is for a public address system, or news broadcasting, you will not be sure from which angle you will be shooting, and hence all the four sides of the mic flag should have been painted with your logo. You should order this requirement before buying a microphone flag, so that you do not have to bother about checking whether all the mic flags supplied have been properly painted, and the colors used are good. 

The reporters should be properly trained for interviewing people, as to how to hold the mic flag in a proper way so that they are obviously seen, and when you are buying a microphone flag ensure that colors which are rich but not gaudy are chosen, and letters are in contrasting colors so that both the color and letters stand out on the screen. 

While buying microphone flags, more importantly you should decide how much you are going to spend.  The budget for buying a microphone flag should be minimal. In fact these instruments are not priced high, and can be purchased for around twenty dollars a piece, but remember this is also a high price and you should not be spending so much on buying microphone flags, since they really do not enhance sound or help your sound recording in any way.  They are ornamental meant mainly to give the program an identity. In fact if you have time and inclination you can make these mic flags at home for fraction of the cost.

Ask the supplier of the main equipment, microphone, about the possible outlets where you can spot them before buying microphone flags. Remember most of the times you have to give custom orders for colors and letters. Choosing the colors and logo is your duty, and in fact these can be done on your computer and handed over to the retailer so that he follows the pattern you have in mind.