Cheap Mic Flags

Mic Flag

A mic flag is an investment on which you should spend only limited money, for it really does not contribute to the audio clarity or sound resonance. Cheap mic flags can be made out of blank flags.  To make a cheap mic flag at home, you would require a tiny box with a hole through its middle from bottom to top, and foam to pack inside the hole so that it holds the mic tightly.  In fact there is no toil involved in this process.  If you scout round the house you will be able to find some box stored somewhere, and you will find it serve your purpose.  

Once you have chiseled the box into a perfect size and shape, you have to measure, and cut the hole, if the hole is not there by drilling it through the box, and designing your own logo, you will ready your cheap mic flag.  It is pretty simple, isn’t it?

If you search the internet you will be able to locate some mic flag images and download the image, using your Photoshop make your own amendments, and there you are ready to paste your own logo on the cheap mic flag. 

But your cheap mic flag is not ready yet.  Mic flag needs to dry after taking on black paint in two coats.  Let the flag dry overnight, and in the morning give a bit of touch up with the paint, ensure that the foam you inserted into the hole of the flag is tight, and perforate the foam, so that you can pass the microphone body through it and let the foam hold the mic tight. 

Remember the kind of microscope you are using also will determine the cheap mic flag being mounted with it.  Some microphones like the condenser microphone are very slim and the flag may not hold them, which requires more foam stuffing. If you have a Shire microphone of their series 87C Beta, it will fit into the hole snugly. Your cheap mic flag is now ready; you can start your radio reporting right away.

Yet another way is to make a disposable cheap mic flag which is easy to make, they wouldn’t cost more than a dollar. To get ready this disposable mic flag you would require a color printer, template of the art work, core of foam, blade or knife, tape, glue stick, rulers, a place to cut and paste.  Print the artwork on a glossy paper, Glue it to foam-core. Crop the foam and cut it into 3 strips, leaving the frame around cuts, even as this frame will be used to fold the microphone. Bring the strips in such a manner as the artwork faces downward and reload the strips into the frame.  Cut a V-notch on the foamcore,  so that you can bend it.   Now make the final end cut. On one side of strip apply glue and let it set. Cheap mic flag shape of a triangle is now ready. Place it on foam and find the inside with a sharp knife.

 Place the flag triangle upside down in the foamcore, cut the foamcore into a triangular shape, remove the strips and now final cuts need to be made.  In the middle of the triangle, draw a circle, which should be about 1/8th inch from the triangle sides, cut out the circle, and apply some glue. Now turn over the flag, introducing the pillow foam triangle, secure the foam to mic flag.  You should now slice and X your way through foam with an X-acto knife. You can now snugly slip microphone into the flag.  Your disposable cheap mic flag is ready.