Where To Buy A Mic Flag

Mic Flag

If you are contemplating to starting an internet radio show, and you are in the process of putting up the studio, apart from good microphone and foam sheets for your walls to make them sound proof, you will be requiring mic flags.  Where to buy a mic flag is a million dollar question. If you are in America or Canada, it is advisable to buy a mic flag from dealers who are selling blank mic flags so that you can paint the colors and letters yourself, later. 

Soon when you are setting up your studio you will realize that you are spending on everything including mic flags quite a bit, and as buying a mic flag should be an option which is entirely based on your budget; limiting the budget at this stage is certainly good for you.  Thus you should consider various options before deciding where to buy the mic flag.

To get down to answering your question as to where to buy mic flags, it would be better to consider some reputed retailers, who deal with such audio equipment. Auralex is a branded product, and they make mic flags with rubber foams, making them very light weight to carry around.

Before deciding where to buy a mic flag, you must first know the number of flags that you may require. You can buy about half a dozen mic flags from B&H Company, which has retail stores all over America, and once your order is delivered, these blank flags can be converted into the desired color and logo to be imprinted on them.

So, before you ask about buying a mic flag, you should first get the blank flags, and go to your computer and open the Photoshop option.  Use your imagination, and design your logo.  After designing, take out a laser color print, cut the logo properly, and use an acrylic glue to paste it on to the blank flag and top it off with a spray for photo mounting.  Certainly this will not take time more than what you would spend time on searching where to buy mic flags. Leave the blank flag now pasted with your logo to dry overnight, and you may now cover it with lamination film which can be bought in your neighborhood stationery shop.

Your search of where to buy a mic flag is over. Remember by this method you would not have spent much money, and buying a mic flag is easy thing indeed. If you have two tables facing one another with microphones, for your internet radio studio, buying a mic flag for each of them has to be considered.  Buy the blank flags online. Specify your requirements. If the online vendor agrees design the logo, it would cost a good amount. Where to buy a mic flag can be answered thus: online vendors are good, but instead of this you can buy these blank flags from any audio shop, and paint them after designing your logo. 

Also search the internet for used mic flags, which would be a cheaper option, so that you can repaint your colors and logo on them. If you are not bothered about the weight of mic flags, instead of searching where to buy a mic flag, it is best to fabricate them with wood pieces. This is a simple process. Just cut the wood into a block of right size, drill a hole and even if it is oversized hole, use cheap foam so that the mic is clamped. You can paint it and attach decals. Where to buy a mic flag is answered simply: at your home, surf internet, get blank flag and use your imagination for the logo.